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Vision enhancement even Lasik can’t offer

Opening your eyes underwater in the “kiddy” pool is a bad idea. If you don’t believe me, try it. Whether you’re trying to score points with your girlfriend’s mom by amusing her 3 year old brother you can’t stand, or playing the modern day “David Haselhoff” role at the aquatic center, the fact is that the 50:50 ratio of chlorine and water in those kiddy pools leave you emerging from the water with less than encouraging words. Rubbing your eyes just makes it worse and at this point your probably wondering why on earth you were there in the first place. I thought this blog is supposed to be about apologetics? Yeah, you’re right. But this very feeling of freshly exposed chlorine eyes is exactly the one I got when I was exposed to the importance of vision. Now before you think I sound like some kind of self help book that we can all agree doesn’t work, I’m not talking 20/20 vision here, I’m talking about another kind of vision, the lens in which we see not only visible spectrums of light, but the lens in which we see the reality of the world.

“What we need is a framework that ties everything together, that allows us to understand society, the world, and our place in it, and that could help us to make the critical decisions which will shape our future” *

We are all exposed to the “chlorine” of this world. Babies raped, bombs dropped, elderly robbed–You name it, this world has it. Every person under the sun has a lens in which they see this world which has seemingly lost its moral compass. When you see a 3 year old baby smothered in blood under a stack of debris after a tsunami roll onto the screen of your television, a response is not optional. Whether you cry, change the channel, or somehow rationalize to yourself how that its not that big a deal, each one of us see’s these things through a different “lens.” The board room executive on the 12th story of a multi-million dollar facility is probably going to respond to the death of this baby a little differently than the mother who is weeping over it. As brutal the comparison may seem, the point is we all have on the glasses, and your viewing this world whether you like it or not.
Your glasses might seem pointless when viewing things up close, but what about those things that seem to be to far away to see or perceive? When someone asks what your purpose in life is, how you got here, or even the really hairy one, what happens when you die, how do you respond to those questions? I think we can agree that the glasses we have on that view the world are a little more important than grandma’s cheaters you knocked off the Thanksgiving dinner table.

Each and every one of us has thought at one point about these questions, and for some reason every time we think about them, it becomes eerily apparent how important the answers to these questions really are. But that doesn’t matter now. It’s all good. Ill worry about that next year. I can’t imagine I’m alone on this, but when the big questions present themselves they aren’t always fun to entertain. Its easier to procrastinate, and the answers are always like trying to grab a wet bar of soap. I don’t mean to play on anyone’s emotion here, that’s not what apologetics is all about. But what if the answers to these questions are out there? If you find yourself already losing hope on finding those answers, I’m confident to tell you that there are answers. From professions ranging from philosophy and science to art and zoology believe that the lens God has revealed to us in the Bible is the one that most accurately illuminates those answers you desire most. The best part, there’s evidence to believe it. Yeah, there is evidence the Bible is more than a book. If you want answers, check back tomorrow, were just getting started.

Appreciate your time and/or patience with whatever it is I have to say!


*quote from (F. Heylighen, http://pespmc1.vub.ac.be/worlview.html)

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Yeah, yeah, yeah, I get it. Amongst a busy college schedule, job, team, fraternity/sorority, you may be thinking your headache is bad enough without reading what has to come out of my mouth. For what its worth, I probably wouldn’t blame you for having that opinion on this blog, but hey, you’ve made it this far, your swamped enough, whats a few more minutes to ya?

For those of you I don’t know, I’m pretty stoked your reading this blog. A 19 year old from Pleasanton, California, my name is Kevin Zehnder and I’m to be quite honest I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing with my life. Thankfully, I met this guy named Jesus who has completely transformed my life and given this self conscious and hard headed junior hockey player a hope and purpose that far exceeds anything I could ever put into words. For this of you who know Jesus, you probably can probably close your eyes remember exactly where you were sitting when you received this love for the very first time. If you find yourself thinking that this “love” which you Christians talk about is ridiculous to the point of disgust, I hear ya, I’ve been there before. My goal is not to “convert” anyone here on this blog, however, I do hope that in whatever time you do spend reading what I have to say that I can give you a better understanding and maybe a different perspective of who this Jesus guy is, and why I believe He truly is much more than some irrational delusion.

If you have made it this far, all I can guarantee is that the next time your getting soaked by the sweaty guy, deodorant optional, at DMV for 4 hours you can know that there is worse out there, and for that I guess you did leave with something from this blog! My goal in writing this blog was to provide a resource to discover why on earth we Christians believe what we do. That this God who came to earth and dwelt among us is in Jesus wants us to give us a life in which we could have never imagined. Yeah I said it, God wants to give you life. I can’t explain it or put it into a test tube and analyze it, but God has given me and millions of others something we can’t explain, but I don’t believe its irrational or illogical by any means! So your telling me that you believe in something that can’t be put into a test tube and you still want me to believe it? Now that my friends is where my vision for this blog is just getting started! I myself was very skeptical about the Christian claims of truth, however, the more I dug in and sought the truth about this guy Jesus who claimed to be literally God on earth, I was surprised with what I found. If your ready for a mind blowing look into the evidences and defense of what Christians believe, why the bible is true, and why this Jesus can promise you eternal life in His presence, I’m stoked to have you here. If this blog reaches even one person, and opens their eyes to the truth of the existence and love of Christ, I say praise God for that! If you leave here enraged that I just actually said that Christianity in fact the most plausible explanation for our existence, and that there is scientific and philosophical foundation to believe this, I just ask that with an open mind you would examine the evidence with an open mind regardless of your current position or background.

Apologetics, the fancy name for defense of Christianity, has become a passion of mine, and the depth of my faith in Jesus has grown exponentially since I have began to realize how powerful the truth of Christianity truly is. If you are a believer in Jesus, I would love for you to give this blog a chance to see what it could do to your current relationship with God. I know this is an area of Christianity that seems to get neglected, and if you feel overwhelmed with how to respond to questions about God from friends, family, or anyone else, this is a great place to be heard and to get answers to those things burning inside. I would also like to make it clear that I would be foolish to claim that I’m an expert in apologetics. That’s why I’m leaving the “heavy lifting” on my blog to some of the greats in this field including William Lane Craig, Ravi Zacharias, Lee Strobel, CS Lewis, and an assortment of others. We are told in 1 Peter 3:15 to “have a defense for the hope that is within us”, and I feel as Christians we are unable to articulate a legitimate answer to this question a lot of times. Hopefully at the very least this blog can leave you with some resources to check into.

Sorry for the lengthy post, appreciate your time! Positive, negative, questions, insults to me, tomato throws…..whatever it is…..the thing I would love to see most is discussion and to be able to dialogue together. No hatred, discrimination, just a search for truth.

Have an awesome night,


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